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Natrapest Mosquito, Flea & Tick Yard Spray, 32 oz.

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Easy to Apply & Effective

It’s easy to use. Simply attach a garden hose, turn on the water, and spray. Natrapest is safe* to use on lawns, trees, landscaping, and around decks or patios. *When used as directed.

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This product is currently not for sale in the following states:

Connecticut, Maine, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

This list will be updated regularly as the product becomes available for sale in each state.

Product Details

We understand how frustrating it is when you can’t relax on your deck without the constant threat of biting bugs. You shouldn’t have to protect yourself and run from these tiny insects. After all, it’s your property, why should you be the one that has to suffer or leave? That’s why we created Natrapest.

Natrapest is a highly effective mosquito, flea, and tick yard spray that makes your outdoor living spaces enjoyable again. You won’t have to worry about your kids or pets being harmed (when used as directed).

How it Works

 Natrapest is made with 3 powerful essential oils: cedarwood, peppermint and clove. The combination of all three is a triple punch to annoying insects.

The essential oils are extremely effective at killing insects in 6 ways.

  1. Suffocation. Because they don’t have lungs, bugs breathe through tube-like openings in their exoskeletons called tracheae. Because Natrapest is poisonous to them, when exposed, they close these openings for protection, and suffocate themselves.
  2. Unbalancing Body Chemistry. All organisms require a very specific chemical balance to stay alive. Unfortunately for bugs, Natrapest alters their chemistry, unbalancing their bodies’ pH levels, and ultimately causes death.
  3. Pheromones. Insects depend on chemicals called pheromones to breed, navigate, and find resources. Natrapest hinders their ability to use and detect pheromones, causing disorientation, and disrupting their bodily functions, which often both repels and kills them.
  4. Dehydration. Insects, spiders, and other bugs are very vulnerable to dehydration. Even a slight decrease in moisture levels can be fatal. Natrapest robs insects of their moisture, which kills them almost immediately.
  5. Dissolves. During the early stage of their life cycle, insects are are extremely delicate, and direct contact with Natrapest can dissolve them. While Natrapest is not usually sufficient to dissolve larger adult bugs, it can dissolve their exoskeleton. Once their shell is penetrated, Natrapest will impact their body chemistry, breathing, and moisture content to an extent that a quick death soon follows.
  6. Emulsifies. Emulsification, or the breaking down of unmixable fluids until they begin to mix, is another common way that Natrapest helps you get rid of bugs. Natrapest breaks down bugs’ fat particles until they mix with the rest of their internal fluids, killing them instantly.


Natrapest is a plant-based product made with water, cedarwood, peppermint and clove essential oils. It also contains a few other ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate (derived from the kernels from palm tree fruit), and Polyglyceryl Oleate (another plant-derived ingredient), water, and soap.

Natrapest will leave your lawn smelling like fresh cut cedarwood, peppermint & clove.

Application & Use

Natrapest is easy to use. Simply attach a garden hose, turn on the water, and turn the nozzle to the on position. Water will automatically mix with the product. Spray until the area is thoroughly wet.

Natrapest is ideal for use on lawns, trees, landscaping, and around decks or patios. Start at your home and work your way back to the edge of your property line. Spray in a sweeping motion being sure to overlap treated areas to ensure complete coverage. To turn off the sprayer, turn the knob to the “Off” position, then turn the water faucet off. Relieve the pressure by turning the knob to the “Water” Position until the water slows down. Once pressure is relieved, disconnect the hose. Unused product can be stored for later. 

One bottle will treat 2,000 - 3,000 sq. ft. depending on how heavy the product is applied. A second application can be applied within 14 days for more severe problems or to establish control. Reapply as often as needed and after heavy rains. To avoid phytotoxic burn, avoid applying in temperatures over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or in full sun with high temperatures. Not for use in aquatic environments.

Plant Powered Formula

Use on Plants & Flowers

Natrapest can be used on lawns, trees, landscaping, and around decks or patios.

Plant Powered Protection

Our plant-based formula is made with 28% essential oil, making Natrapest one of the most concentrated products available.

Safe* for Cats & Dogs

The essentials oils found in Natrapest will not harm mammals* and will keep fleas and ticks away at playtime.

*When used as directed

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Our Promise to You

Protect Your Yard

One bottle of Natrapest will treat 2,000 - 3,000 sq. ft. depending on water pressure, walking speed, and how heavily the product is applied. 

Plant Powered Protection

Natrapest is powered by 3 different essential oils - cedarwood, peppermint and clove oils.

Safe* for Kids & Pets

Cedarwood, peppermint and clove oils are non-toxic to people and pets, but they’re highly effective at killing bugs like mosquitos, fleas, and ticks.

*When used as directed

Free Ground Shipping

Order 2 or More Bottles of Natrapest to Qualify for FREE Ground Shipping.

  • Cedarwood Oil

  • Peppermint Oil

  • Clove Oil

Cedarwood oil works by leaching moisture off bugs. The bugs dry and later die. The oil disrupts pheromones that help to regulate bodily functions in critters. If applied at the earlier stages of an insect’s life, the pest simply dissolves and dies right away. Cedarwood also works through emulsification (breaking down the fat particles in pests).

The major compounds found in peppermint oil include terpene, alcohol and menthol. Each one is a natural fumigant through smell. It's pleasant to humans, but insects' smell receptors pick up on these compounds and are repelled effectively.

Clove oil acts as both a repellent and a contact insecticide. The pungent odor of the clove oil is repulsive to pests including ticks, fleas and mosquitos but also ants, flies and moths. The active ingredient in clove oil (Eugenol) is primarily used to eliminate mosquitos, but also can work on other pests like mites, ticks and spiders.