How it Works

 Natrapest is made with 3 powerful essential oils: cedarwood, peppermint and clove. The combination of all three is a triple punch to annoying insects.

The essential oils are extremely effective at killing insects in 6 ways.

  1. Suffocation. Because they don’t have lungs, bugs breathe through tube-like openings in their exoskeletons called tracheae. Because Natrapest is poisonous to them, when exposed, they close these openings for protection, and suffocate themselves.
  2. Unbalancing Body Chemistry. All organisms require a very specific chemical balance to stay alive. Unfortunately for bugs, Natrapest alters their chemistry, unbalancing their bodies’ pH levels, and ultimately causes death.
  3. Pheromones. Insects depend on chemicals called pheromones to breed, navigate, and find resources. Natrapest hinders their ability to use and detect pheromones, causing disorientation, and disrupting their bodily functions, which often both repels and kills them.
  4. Dehydration. Insects, spiders, and other bugs are very vulnerable to dehydration. Even a slight decrease in moisture levels can be fatal. Natrapest robs insects of their moisture, which kills them almost immediately.
  5. Dissolves. During the early stage of their life cycle, insects are are extremely delicate, and direct contact with Natrapest can dissolve them. While Natrapest is not usually sufficient to dissolve larger adult bugs, it can dissolve their exoskeleton. Once their shell is penetrated, Natrapest will impact their body chemistry, breathing, and moisture content to an extent that a quick death soon follows.
  6. Emulsifies. Emulsification, or the breaking down of unmixable fluids until they begin to mix, is another common way that Natrapest helps you get rid of bugs. Natrapest breaks down bugs’ fat particles until they mix with the rest of their internal fluids, killing them instantly.

Why Choose Natrapest?

Reclaim your yard from biting insects with our plant-based pesticide. It effectively kills mosquitos, fleas and ticks.

Safety First

Natrapest is safe for people and pets when used as directed, but biting insects don't stand a chance.

Protect Your Yard

One bottle of Natrapest will treat approximately 2,000 - 3,000 sq. ft. depending on how heavy the product is applied.